Spook the Lake! is October 16, 2021!

STL 2021 Headcount

Hello there our WONDERFUL DOCK HOSTS! This is a general headcount of the Spookers expected this year at Spook the Lake! and the areas that they plan to spook. This is not a total headcount of all Spookers. In other words, you can’t add up all the numbers and say this is how many attended. The reason is, most Spookers plan to visit MULTIPLE areas. The best way to use this information is to identify YOUR area below and go by that number so you know what to expect. If you know anyone that plans to attend this event, please ask them to register for the benefit of all.

THANK YOU for making Spook the Lake! 2021 AMAZING!

(Numbers UPDATED 9-24-21 @ 9am)
1N. Sipsey, Lakeshore, Hoghouse, Yellow Ck351
2Central Sipsey, Butler & Devil’s Br, Duncan Brdg8465
3Brushy Creek5201
4Clear, Coon, Caney Creeks12
5N. Rock creek9545
6S. Cen. Sipsey, Bear, Butler, Dismal, Raccoon8344
7S. Sipsey, Clinton, Dam9505
8White Oak, Crooked Crk320
9S. Rock Crk, Little Crooked10618
10S of Big Bridge, S. Ryan, Doc Harris, Long, Big Brch, Lick Cr6333
11Pigeon Roost, Lick Br, Sulphur Sprgs422
12Miller Flats, Broglen, Bates8471
13N. Ryan Crk, Goat Island, SL Park7413
14Simpson, Catalina, Dogwood, Cold Spgs6311
Use the map below for reference
Smith Lake Areas
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