Spook the Lake! is October 16, 2021!

Dock Sign Up

Here is where you sign your dock up to be placed on the map for Spookers to find you. Thank you so much for your generosity in giving out candy and for being a huge part of Spook the Lake! 

Dock Host Registration - Spook the Lake!
Participating as a host dock means you are allowing us to place your dock on the Spook the Lake! map for Spookers to trick-or-treat you. We recommend that you have a couple of people to help you guide boats in/out and hand out candy. Please take pics to help yourself remember your favorite Spookers so that your can vote for your favorites later. Be careful, have fun, and wear your life vests whenever you are around the water.
Have you hosted a dock before? Check all that apply.
Physical address of your lake home.
What county is your home in?
Subdivision Name or NA
Does your dock have SPOOKY name? If so, enter it here.
As you know, many times lake home addresses do not display correctly on Google maps. Therefore we check the location against the county tax maps to make sure your dock location is exact so Spookers can find you.
Please read the waiver above.

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