Poor Man Poker Run 2018

Craw Daddy Dave's Poor Man Poker Run - Lewis Smith Lake 2018
Poor Man Poker Run 2018 - Lewis Smith Lake

Smartphone link to interactive map – use your smartphone to zoom into the EXACT location of the stop.

Link to flat image of locations – limited detail – large file (1MB)


Registration – Online registration is closed but you can still get in on the fun and register at the dam at 10:00am today.

Wake the World Charity – Learn all about Wake the World here.

How the Game is Played:

The objective is for players to make at least 5 stops and collect 5 scratch off cards which will reveal your poker hand. A “stop” is a predetermined boat dock which will be handing out cards (and maybe other goodies) to players. The best poker hands will be judged and declared the winners. There are plenty of poker stops along all 3 major creeks of Smith Lake so no need to worry about running all over the lake.

Times: 10:00am – Cards will start being given out at all locations 3:00pm – Final cards will be given out at all locations.
4:00pm – All hands must be turned in for judging at the dam.

Payout: Payout is based on 1 in 10 hands played including folded hand drawing.

Example: If 100 hands played
1st Place (best hand) wins $500.00
2nd thru 9th places wins $100.00
Folded hand draw wins $100.00

Wake the World Charity will receive the remainder of the proceeds minus expenses. Expenses not expected to exceed $500.00.


  1. All boats are responsible for their own safety and observing all boating rules and laws. Any damage to boats, piers, or other property or any personal injury is the responsibility of the individuals involved and not of the poker run committee.
  2. Cheating or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. This event is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Any suspicious acts of cheating or abusive or unruly behavior will result in disqualification and forfeiture of your cards and registration fees.
  3. Each registered player will be given a player number that must be shown to each dock that is visited. This player number will be written down on the back side of the scratch off card. The scratch off card will then be given to the player who will scratch off to reveal the face.
  4. Players are allowed one card per dock only. Each dock will be given cards with a special mark to identify that it came from that dock.
  5. There will be a map showing all the location of the stops. Make as few or as many stops as you wish. Only 5 cards will be played per hand.
  6. Any hand not turned in by 4pm at the final dock (at the dam) will be disqualified.
  7. Folded hands must be turned in to final dock by 4pm to qualify for the folded hand drawing. Must be present to win.
  8. All decisions by judges are final.

Good Luck – Have Fun – Be Courteous of Others – Be Careful!


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